Production and Development

To continue providing the quality and innovation that we have become known for, our production methods go much deeper than most. This is evident when you look at how we manage the vertical range of manufacturing processes within our plants. From the raw materials used right through to the finished product, we control and optimize the entire process, both technically and commercially.

It can be said that we design and invest in a new factory within our factory, for each newly-developed product – according to the criteria of process reliability and commercial efficiency.

With high-volume production being largely automated, members of our business teams take full responsibility for their product, ensuring technical and commercial success through active participation.

Our claim to excellence and leadership is not based on the number of engineers in our development department but rather on the creativity and performance of our teams. This is why, over the last two years, we have registered one new patent every month, on average.

By specializing on one product line in each company we are able to focus on the overall experience that our teams have gained from existing production as well as the requirements and development of future orders.

Because we work so closely with the global automotive industry, we are familiar with the
advantages and disadvantages of all existing technical solutions. And, because we continuously develop tailored solutions for new orders (according to the specifications and requirements of our customers) we are able to offer a unique pool of “know-how” which benefits all of our customers.