KOKINETICS expands production capacity for seating products

13th July 2012

Kokinetics assures future of production plant at Lohr am Main

KRIFTEL, 6 December 2012. With effect from 1 December 2012, KOKINETICS GmbH has taken over a segment of production for the international automotive supplier Faurecia at its German plant in Lohr am Main. The production in question will cover complete manufacture of the back-seat structure for the Daimler Sprinter and the VW Crafter. The transaction represents a partial transfer of business under the terms of Section 613a of the German Civil Code (BGB).

Dr. Hagen Wiesner, head of the Faurecia North Europe Seating Division and managing director for Germany, says:

We are glad that a highly expert strategic investor has been found for the plant, an investor which will be pursuing a long-term growth strategy.

Dr. Andreas Stoltze, chief executive officer (CEO) of Kokinetics GmbH:

Taking over part of the business will mean on the one hand a significant expansion of production facilities by about 10,000 sq m in the largest business area of seat structures, using welding and riveting technology. On the other hand, the company will be extending its own value-added chain to include cathodic, electrophoretic immersion paintwork processes and powder coating.

Through this expansion in expertise in surface coating, Kokinetics will be covering the whole development and serial-production life-cycle in the segment of structures and mechanics for cars and utility vehicles. Thirty production staff from the Faurecia company have been taken over by Kokinetics. In future this team will be supported by the Kokinetics” own staff.

As further assurance for the future of the Lohr am Main plant, the shareholders of Kokinetics GmbH have scheduled the industrialisation of a product group in the non-automotive control-gear segment. This product group is covered by the company”s own patents. As part of the growth plan, two assured projects are scheduled for the Lohr am Main plant from 2016, and three additional projects are very likely.