KOKINETICS gives individual training to new management recruits

9th July 2014

First year of students successfully graduates from the company’s own KOKINETICS ACADEMY

KRIFTEL, 9 May 2014. KOKINETICS GmbH has founded its own in-house academy for new recruits to management. Trainees from their last apprenticeship year and staff who had taken their journeyman’s examination two or three years previously underwent a 12-month, mainly internal, further-training course, consisting of three modules – management, behavioural and linguistic training – in combination with a job-rotation plan. Those interested were able to register with an internal panel, which then made the final selection from among the applicants.

These 12 internal seminars were held at monthly intervals by the company’s management staff, each of whom spoke on their specialist subject.

As part of this further-training course KOKINETICS organised a stay in Ireland for some students, where they lived in families and were thus able to improve their English.

The practical stage of this further training involved passing through all the company’s major divisions, in order to make the internal workflows in the company transparent to the new management recruits.

Andreas Stoltze, CEO of the KOKINETICS Group:
“Our group of companies is constantly expanding its global presence. By founding the KOKINETICS Academy we intend even now to cover our future need for modern industrial managers in the automotive-supply industry.”

Graduation projects:
All those attending the KOKINETICS Academy were required to submit a company-internal project relevant to practice, which as a graduation exercise they were asked to present to the management board. The graduation projects were at such a high level that one of them even attracted attention during the company’s successful environmental audit.

Graduation trip:
In recognition of this successful outcome, the company’s management organised a graduation trip to the Czech Republic, which took place of 16 to 18 May. There on Friday the Academy’s students visited the new works in Kamenice nad Lipou, which has been part of the Kokinetics Group since 2013. On Saturday came a tour of Prague and a social evening with a widely varied programme. At this event the successful students were presented with their diplomas.

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KOKINETICS GmbH, located in Kriftel near Frankfurt am Main, can look back on a long and successful history. The company, founded in 1890 and re-founded in 1946, made a name for itself after the Second World War as a supplier to the aerospace industry and a toolmaker. With the expansion of its seat-component, seat-mechanism and transmission divisions, the company came gradually to concentrate on the automotive sector. Today KOKINETICS employs 400 staff world-wide. From product development and prototype construction, to tool and jig making, to serial production, all product-relevant areas are covered directly in the company.

Its list of regular customers is international. Major automotive groups, such as BMW, Volkswagen, General Motors and Audi, trust to the high quality of KOKINETICS products, but the world’s leading suppliers and system providers also work together with the company.