KOKINETICS founds global centre of expertise for lightweight construction in the car-seat market

18th July 2015

New production and innovation hub will create jobs at the Kriftel headquarters

KRIFTEL, 18 August 2015. KOKINETICS has been engaged in metal forming since it was re-founded after the Second World War in 1946 as Kochendörfer und Kiep O.H.G in Frankfurt am Main. About ten years ago, it became the first company in the world to develop a hybrid rear-seat back made of a special plastic material. Produced using blow-molding technology, this hybrid rear-seat back is used in such models as the VW Golf Cabrio, VW Scirocco, Audi TT and A3 Cabrio.

On account of its lightweight concept, KOKINETICS became the world’s market leader with its unique product group of seat-cushion length-adjusters (SCLA) made of hybrid plastic within three years, between 2011 and 2014.

This exceptional market success has encouraged the company to develop its own plastic production at its Kriftel works. Thanks to support by its shareholder AVICEM, it has been possible to invest EUR 5 million in purchasing 20 injection-molding and assembly systems.

On 31 August 2015, the new centre of expertise in lightweight construction was opened at the headquarters of the KOKINETICS Group in Kriftel. Here at first 35 staff will be employed in three shifts on production in the specially renovated production shed. By 2016 no less than 11,300 seat-cushion length adjusters will be produced per day, and 2.8 million in the same year. KOKINETICS will then be supplying leading automotive manufacturers with this component, such as BMW, Daimler, GM, PSA and Porsche.

Dr. Andreas Stoltze, CEO of the KOKINETICS Group:
The long-standing product strategy of the KOKINETICS Group is to blend the best of the two materials worlds, steel and plastic, and their hybrid forms. The company has expanded this core area of expertise uncompromisingly over the last four years.

KOKINETICS GmbH, located in Kriftel near Frankfurt am Main, can look back on a long and successful history. The company, founded in 1890 and re-founded in 1946, made a name for itself after the Second World War as a supplier to the aerospace industry and a toolmaker. With the expansion of its seat-component, seat-mechanism and transmission divisions, the company came gradually to concentrate on the automotive sector. Today KOKINETICS employs 400 staff world-wide. From product development and prototype construction, to tool and jig making, to serial production, all product-relevant areas are covered directly in the company.

Its list of regular customers is international. Major automotive groups, such as BMW, Volkswagen, General Motors and Audi, trust to the high quality of KOKINETICS products, but the world’s leading suppliers and system providers also work together with the company.

Further information about KOKINETICS: www.kokinetics.com

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