Around 1890: Founding of the predecessor company

Purpose of the enterprise:
Production of drawn and stamped metal parts, assembly (lamp shades, letter scales, etc.)

1946: Refounding

  • blanking shop / fabrication shop / pressroom / punching shop
  • Tool making

1960-1970: Strong growth
Supplier to automotive industry
Pioneer in precision pressing technique together with the company Feintool

1961: Start of production of structural parts for aircraft (machining)

  • Safety components Group A
  • Thereby modern quality thinking at an early stage, including parts requiring documentation (Starfighter, Tornado, Airbus)

1979: Takeover of the CONSTANCE plant

Also a pioneer in precision pressing technique
Production of gear shifter forks, mechanical production of fine mechanical engineering

1987: Change in shareholder

  • New Management
  • Restructuring of the corporate group
  • Focus on:
    • Automotive industry
    • Complex Assemblies
    • Expansion of manufacturing penetration
    • Production-related width
    • Concentration of the plants on certain production techniques

1992: Founding of Kokes, KoKi Technik Espana S.A., Esparraguera (Barcelona)

  • Precision stamping small parts
  • Production of small components
  • Technical and commercial support of the Spanish customers

1993: Changing the organization into independent business units

All five plants independent business units that complement each other in the network
Small central management and central administration

2011: Acquisition of KOKI Technik Seating Systems GmbH by new shareholder (Industrieholding + management participation)

New business segment matrix with focus on complex kinematics